Latin in Bergen

contest_announce_imgAlthough things have been relatively quiet on this front, the rest of it all marches on.
Presently, I am interested in contemporary uses of Latin–you might say the ideologies of dead languages–and so have been looking around Bergen for examples of public Latin. Part of this is an instagram contest for people to post photos of Latin in Bergen; see examples here!
The winner gets a 300 kroner gift certificate at the uni bookstore. And a random winner gets the Grinch in Latin. If interested, use #latininbergen #latinibergen
Even if there are no submissions and if none come in the future, it has started a few conversations (overheard and taken part in). And that’s really all it’s about. That and what I can learn from a first attempt. Oh, and the photos that I’ve collected, because there are other learning activities and research that can be done with them!

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