No new tale to tell

Any day there should be something to report from King’s, but every day nothing surfaces. Earlier this week a letter from David Ganz was posted on the facebook page (which can be viewed without a facebook account, I think).

Like others, I am disappointed, but I suppose not surprised, that the adminstration has suggested that Ganz has orchestrated a campaign against. First, why would orchestrating a campaign to save your job and the subject to which you’ve devoted your life be a condemnable act? Clearly, it’s rational enough. The real charge, I reckon, is ‘rather than work with us, you are now working against us’, intimating that the decision to close the position can be even further justified because of the now-strained relationship.

Oh yeah, then there’s the fact that David Ganz hasn’t orchestrated any campaign. Heinrich C. Kuhn comments on the suggestion.

Meanwhile, Iain Pears keeps the heat turned up particularly in this recent post and with generally blistering commentary on his blog.

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