Grafton on Google

Something old...

Something old...

Something not new, but worth remembering for later. Anthony Grafton, the man famous for having a book wheel in his office, as well as The Book on Joseph Scaliger and Codex in Crisis, writes about some of the caveats related to Google books as as a ruling on the copyright settlement is awaited.

Will the juggernaut keep rolling? We’ll know later this year. But should it? It may be too late if and when we find out.

Lewis Hyde of Kenyon also chimes in here:

the parties to the Google settlement are asking the judge to let them be orphan guardians but without any necessary obligation to the public side of the copyright bargain. Quite the opposite: if Judge Chin grants them a pass to profit from orphan works, he will also be granting them a private monopoly in digital books.

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